Help The Movers Win!

Hi!  The Movers are close to winning “Best Comedy” on this site, and could use your help!  You just have to click the star meter and give it a rating…of course, higher ratings help more:)

This is especially exciting because it’s an episode I wrote and acted in.

Thank you!

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The Girls Guide

I’m excited to start shooting “The Girls Guide” next week, a new Vancouver web series by Justine Stevens.  I’ll be playing Victoria, a get-around-girl who is secretly in love with her brother’s bestie, Christina.

Shows Shows Shows

It’s been a busy time!  Virginia Jack has been burnin’ up the stage lately, and are set to hit it again June 2 @ Havana.  It’s the FINAL ROUND of the Cagematch Tournament, and we will be competing for 500 smackers. Come out and vote for us if we please ya!



The Movers

In case you missed these…a couple of episodes of The Movers I did.  It’s a fun webseries to work on, and Ken Lawson and Nathan Clark are a delight.

Drive-by Girlfriends
YouTube Preview Image

The Cake
YouTube Preview Image

All the News!

Some updates on what I’ve been doing…it’s been a busy and lovely time.  Earlier this month, I did The Gay Mafia show (produced by the Queer Arts Society) and was mentioned in this review.

I was also invited to join the cast of the Instant Theatre Co. and can often been found on Sunday nights the Havana stage.

This Saturday night (Feb 2) I will be doing Rapp Battlez Wezt Coazt at the Little Mountain Gallery, 9PM. For a taste of the event, check out I’ll be throwin’ down or making a fool of myself — either will be worth watching:)

In a couple of weeks, I will be shooting a short with Jennifer Campbell (Hike).  It’s in the horror genre, and I’m completely thrilled to be working in a genre that is new to me, with a director who has such a clear vision while still being collaborative.  She’s great, and the crew she has put together is talented and fun.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print!

Tops & Bottoms!

Tops & Bottoms this Monday night at the Oasis!  I will be hosting, so buckle up!  Show starts at 8PM.  Come join us for our end-of-summer improv extravaganza!

Summer Fling – August 15

We’re putting on a Virginia Jack show August 15th!

Come for comedy, cookies, lemonade and goodie bags! (oh, and some pretty kick ass comedy)

Virginia Jack with guests Psycho (Shawn Norman and Warren Bates) and Dog and Pony Show (Brian Cook and Kyle Fines).

Lemonade people. Lemonade. Cookies. Am I right? And what? Goodie bags? HOLY! Not to mention real good improv, if not grammar.

Carousel Theatre, Doors at 7:30, show at 8:00, 5 bucks.

See you there, jam tarts!


Cage Match – Virginia Jack to Throw Down

Nicole and I will be performing as Virginia Jack in a Cage Match.  Come on down, and vote for us to help us advance to the next round!

August 13 – The Havana (1212 Commercial Drive) Starts at 8:00.  $8 or $5 with a receipt from The Havana.


Ten Speed – August 7

Nicole Passmore and I are performing as Virginia Jack at Ten Speed August 7th.  Show starts at 9PM @ the China Cloud.  Always a fun night!  Lots of great groups and hi-jinx.


I’m teaching improv workshops in a summer series for the Bobbers Queer Arts Society.  We started with Silence and Sincerity, then moved on to Story.  Next week is an evening of playing the fun games we play at the Tops and Bottoms show.  Come to the Oasis patio from 6:30-8:30 Tuesday August 7th for good times:)  10 bucks drop in.